Thursday, June 25, 2009

To: Verizon Wireless Service Provider

Dearest Verizon,

You are glorious and I hope that you can truly know that. My heart reaches out wondering when you will contact me, when you will let me know if I can switch to your glorious services from my current AT&T contract.

I know that what I am writing is wrong... I know that I have a contract currently with AT&T, and that my head keeps telling me no. No. You have to stick with your contract. But when I think of your mobile to mobile offering, your friends and family plan and your sweet night and weekend minutes (not to mention your roaming charges!), I know that my heart wants you. My heart sitting in my chest screams Verizon. Verizon.

When I think of your sleek exterior, your luscious ring tones, I can't help but think of you. Please contact me, I wish to switch... I wish to switch providers.

I will now go to sleep. But you can rest assured that in my heart you are the wireless provider I will dream about.

Please contact me so we can discuss a new deal.



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